Military Times Spring Reading List: “The Morning Mind: Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life” by Dr. Rob Carter III and Dr. Kirti Salwe Carter, HarperCollins, 224 pages

Waking up is no longer hard to do.

Rob is an Army lieutenant colonel, and probably his morning reveilles one to emulate or to think about while you have a mocha latte instead. (Catherine Leonardo’s cover cleverly shows a cup of coffee’s steam forming an outline of a brain.)

Blending medicine, science and a wholistic sensibility, Rob (Ph.D.) and Kirti, his wife (M.D.), rise to the occasion. “Our objective is to master the morning and the rest of the day efficiently.”

In the morning, your body is taller and your brain is bigger after a night’s sleep, they say. To help you stay fresh, they offer tips that begin “the very second you wake.” First, drink a glass of water — because your body is dehydrated after hours of sleep. And because the book’s scientific style, though practical, can be dry.

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